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Education Support Professionals

The purpose of this organization is to represent the members to the college President, administration, faculty, and Board of Trustees; to coordinate our efforts with the college mission and goals; and also to represent the college and our organization at the annual conference of the state organization, Association of Kansas Community College Occupational Professionals (AKCCOP) in an exemplary fashion.

Membership is open to all full or part-time employees of Dodge City Community College.  Currently the cost of ESP membership is $5.00 annually.

Member benefits include a financial assistance grant program sponsored by AKCCOP to provide an incentive to members who wish to continue their education.  Those awarded this grant can apply the funds towards the cost of career development courses.

Members also have the opportunity to travel to another Kansas community college for the annual AKCCOP meeting held each spring for the purpose of attending professional development workshops and networking with our counterparts.

photo of ESP Christmas party including 14 members

The organization meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of every month from 4:00-5:00 pm.  In addition to the business meetings, we have: 

  • speakers,
  • activities and
  • tours for professional development and entertainment.  

Annually, ESP has a Christmas party for members and retirees. 

ESP has fundraisers to finance our activities to benefit the campus community.  Some of our activities are:  

  • apples for faculty in the fall 
  • gift for all campus employees at Christmas 
  • Bench outside the Student Union donated to the college by the Dodge City Community College Education Support Professionals.deserving student gift cards at holidays 
  • memorial benches in various locations on the college campus
  • refurbishing the picnic tables 

We report our activities to AKCCOP to be included with reports from the other community college groups in their bi-annual newsletter the “Kansas Kollator”.

For more information contact: 
President - Carla Patee,
Vice President/Secretary - Sara Wilson,
Treasurer - Velda Thomas