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Guided Studies

About Guided Studies

Guided Studies (formerly Non-Traditional Studies) courses are specifically designed for highly-motivated and disciplined students who are willing to spend a significant amount of time in personal study.  These classes have no scheduled class time. Students are expected to work independently on course materials and assignments with only minimal contact with an instructor. Each student will meet with the instructor at least three times during the semester for instructional sessions. These instructional sessions will be scheduled by arrangement between the instructor and the student. Guided Studies courses also require the student to maintain a schedule of due dates.  Financial aid can be applied to Guided Studies classes, just as with traditional on-campus courses.

After meeting with an academic advisor and deciding to enroll in a Guided Studies course, students begin the enrollment process in the Records Office.  After enrolling, students are to attend a brief Guided Studies orientation session. These sessions are held at various times throughout the first week of each semester. Orientation dates and times will be posted throughout the Student Union, as well as on the Guided Studies Facebook page and Twitter feed. After completing orientation, students can log on to MyDC3Web to obtain their course materials and begin work on their classes.

Students new to Guided Studies courses are strongly encouraged to take the HMDV 115 Guided Studies Orientation course the same semester and session of their first GS class.


Who can take Guided Studies classes?
Anyone who has been admitted to Dodge City Community College can enroll in Guided Studies courses, but they are intended for highly-motivated and self-disciplined students who enjoy learning on their own.  Fill out the application for admission by going to the Admissions page.

Are these classes for me?
To be successful in these classes you must:
  • Plan to devote some time as contact with instructors is minimal (this amount varies by class and student):
    • 9-10 hours/week to coursework for a Session 1 class
    • 11-12 hours/week to coursework for a Session 2 class 
    • 19-20 hours/week to coursework for a Session 3 class 
  • Be comfortable using computers, specifically email, word processing, and uploading/downloading files
  • Have consistent, reliable access to a computer with reliable internet connection
  • Be self-motivated and organized, and like to work independently
  • Be able to learn by reading and following directions

Are these online classes?
No, but they do utilize MyDC3Web; DCCC’s online and hybrid Learning Management System.  Students will access their course syllabus, instructor information, assignments, and possibly take exams through their course page on MyDC3Web.  However, the majority of the coursework could be completed out of a textbook or other more traditional means. Teaching methods used by Guided Studies instructors vary widely.

Do the classes meet at all?
Yes, a minimum of three face-to-face meetings with each course instructor is required per semester.  Instructors may choose to hold these meetings with the entire class, in small groups, one-on-one with each student, or through a combination of these options.   However, there are no set class times/dates for these classes.

How often are classes offered?
We offer classes every semester: Fall, Spring, and Summer. In Fall and Spring, we offer 3 different sessions of classes to allow more flexibility of scheduling. These sessions have staggered beginning dates, but all end on the same date at the end of the semester. Classes in different sessions differ only in the amount of time that students are given to complete the work.

How much time do I have to complete the work?
Students have the length of the session to get all homework turned in and exams taken, but must meet all deadlines set in class syllabi.  At minimum, a student must spend 30 calendar days on a Guided Studies class. In the Fall and Spring, the program offers classes in 3 different Sessions, although not all classes are available each Session. Session 1 classes are generally about 15 weeks long. Session 2 classes run approximately 12 weeks, and Session 3 classes are about 7 weeks long. In the Summer, the Guided Studies program offers only one 10-week Session. Always refer to your syllabi for clarification on due dates.

What if I need help with coursework?
Your instructor will be available to answer questions and/or meet with you if needed.  We also offer free tutoring through the Academic Success Center (ASC).  Here students can find Academic Coaches and peer tutors for almost every subject.  See the ASC  webpage for more information.

What if my computer skills aren’t that great?
You might consider taking one of the many computer classes offered at DC3.  There are various options depending on your comfort level: completely online, hybrid, Guided Studies, or a traditional on-campus course.

Will scholarships or financial aid pay for these classes?
Yes!  All forms of financial aid will help pay for the cost of these classes, just like any other traditional class.  For more information on financial aid, check the DC3 Financial Aid  page.

How do I enroll?
Students can enroll with their regular advisor as soon as enrollment is open for the semester.  Fall enrollment opens the previous April; Spring and Summer enrollment begin in November.  Students are allowed to enroll in a class up to one week before the Certification date for that class. Contact the Guided Studies Coordinator for more information.

I’m enrolled.  Now what?
Once enrolled, students must attend a brief orientation with the Guided Studies Coordinator. Orientation dates and times will be posted throughout the Student Union, as well as on the Guided Studies Facebook page and Twitter feed.  After completing Orientation, students can log on to MyDC3Web to get their course materials and begin courses.

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