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Conq Soccer Adds to the Record Books

Nov 10, 2011

Both Conq soccer teams made the Region VI Playoffs for the first time since 2007.  Along the way, they made a few adjustments to the Dodge City Community College All-Time Records.  

The Lady Conqs had one positive contribution, adding to the Home Wins record of 4 (2003 and 2006).  The top record sets at 5 (2002, 2004 and 2007).  However, they also added to the negative records in losses, tying No. 5 with 11 losses (the most losses in a season sets at 15, set in 2010).  On a positive note, it was the fewest number of losses in 4 seasons.  

The Conqs handled the record books more dramatically.  They shattered the single game record for goals with 16 against Lamar.  This record was previously set at 8 in an 8-1 victory over Independence on 10/11/06.  They also shattered the Margin of Victory record with the 16-0 victory over Lamar.  It was previously set at 7 in the 8-1 victory over Independence on 10/11/06.  The Conqs crushed last year’s Single Season Goals record of 38 by scoring 58 goals this season.  They also broke the Goals per Game record that was set at 2.31 (2006).  

This season the number was 3.05.  The Conqs tied the top record of 5 Shutouts in a Season (2006 and 2010).  They took over the No. 3 spot of Wins in a Season with 8.  The top two records belong to 2010 (10) and 2006 (9).  

The Conqs also took over the No. 4 slot in the Fewest Losses column with 9.  The top records belong to 2006 (5) and 2007 and 2010 (both at 8).  The Conqs also tied the No. 2 slot in Ties at 2.  The top record was set in 2006 with 3.  

The Conqs took over the top spot in Consecutive Wins with 5 (10/9/2011-10/21/11), taking the top spot away from 9/10/10-9/19/10 (4).  They also joined the top record of Home Wins (6), tying with the 2006 and 2010 seasons.  The last record they contributed to was in the KJCCC Wins, taking over the No. 2 spot with the 5 wins this season.  Last season’s 6 wins remain on top.