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Dodge City Community College Foundation selected as candidate for FEMA funding

Mar 22, 2012

Dodge City Community College Foundation announced today that on Friday, March 9, 2012 they received a letter from the Adjutant General and Director of Emergency Management & Homeland Security office notifying them that the DCCC Foundation had been selected as a candidate based on the information provided in their Letter of Intent for funding their Activities Center project an amount not to exceed $340,759.

 “This is great news. There were 14 Letters of Intent submitted to the Kansas Division of Emergency Management asking for a total of 7 million dollars for various projects. They only had a budget of 1.9 million dollars to allocate and our share totals $340,759,” DCCC Foundation Director Roger Proffitt said. “FEMA’s budget is being cut. Funding we’re able to receive now may not be available to us in the future so there is an urgency to the Activities Center project.”

 The Activities Center will be built as a super structure Monolithic Dome, which will be a FEMA approved tornado shelter, like the one that was built a few years ago in Fowler, KS. This is the reason DCCC Foundation is able to receive funding from FEMA.

 It’s been determined that there is an unmet need for a tornado shelter in the northwest part of Dodge City. There are 2,209 DCCC students and staff; 1,959 Dodge City High School students and staff; 100 Sterling House residents and staff; and 1,743 residents for a total of 6,011 people within one-half mile of the designated building location. This is the population that could get to the center within five minutes according to FEMA.

 “We conducted a feasibility study a year ago which included students. When they were asked their opinion of DCCC and how we could make improvements the students commented: ‘There is nothing to do.’ DCCC lacks the facilities for social and physical activities for its students,” said Dr. Don A. Woodburn, President of DCCC.

“Current research indicates that students who regularly participate in campus recreation are more likely to stay in college, graduate at higher rates, earn higher GPAs and have an overall more satisfying college experience. Visit just about any college campus today, and it’s hard to miss the state-of-art recreation and fitness centers,” Dr. Woodburn said. “It will greatly enhance student recruitment.”

 The center will be a welcome asset and benefit to the Dodge City community offering numerous indoor year-round climate controlled activities such as an indoor walking track, wellness center, basketball, volleyball, soccer, snack bar, community rooms and a large community events center. It may also be home to our round-the-clock Ford County Emergency Management system, a staging area in the event there is a large community disaster, or serve as an alternate hospital in case disaster strikes the Western Plains Medical Complex.

 “DCCC Foundation is in the beginning phase of a five year 5 million dollar fundraising campaign and grant writing program to meet the funding needs to build the new Center. Our campaign theme is Why Not DC3,” said Duane Ross, President of the Foundation. “We’ve formed a great Steering Committee made up of prominent concerned citizens that recognize the value DCCC brings to the community. FEMA’s grant is our first large contribution to the campaign and we will now begin to look to the community for additional lead gifts.”

 The DCCC Activities Center will be a facility DCCC and the Dodge City Community can showcase as a state-of-the-art environmental friendly building. The Monolithic Dome construction, because of its design, saves more than 30 percent in construction costs over conventional construction, and it will reduce utility costs by 50 percent or more per year.