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DC3 Begins Construction on Brand New Artificial Football/Soccer Field

Apr 29, 2013

Dodge City began construction on its brand new state-of-the-art artificial field today.  The new facilities will be used for football and soccer practices.  Not only will the football team and both the men's and women's soccer teams practice on the field, but soccer will also play all of their home games there.  Which marks the first time in DC3 history a Dodge City Community College outdoor sport will be played on Campus. Marking a new beginning for Dodge City Sports. The new facilities are to be complete for Fall 2013. 

The field will add a great ambience to campus and serves as a great recruiting tool for incoming athletes.  It will also provide a place for the other Dodge City sports programs to use for training.    There will be a large Conquistador head painted at the fifty yard line.  The north endzone will read Dodge City and the south endzone will read Conquistadors.  All the words will be purple with white outlining.  Keep up with the construction process on our website with updated pictures and articles each week.