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Dodge City Softball Players Earn All-Region VI and District E Honors

May 07, 2013

To go along with the long list of conference awards that our players were able to earn by having a great season, four members of the lady conqs were also able to earn All-Region VI honors as well as District E honors.  Amanda Best, who could go down as the best softball player to play at dodge thus far, earned 1st Team Battery.  Taylee Heckman, who had a great year as Dodge's first baseman, earned 1st Team Utility Player.  And rounding out first team selections was Mackenzie "Koo" Maes who earned 1st team outfield.  Makensy Payne added to her first team all conference selection, with a 2nd team All-Region/District E  selection.  We are all very proud of our team and with three all Conference players returning next season we are looking forward to an exciting season next year.  

Amanda Best             Taylee Heckman       Makenzie Maes        Makenzie Payne