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KJCCC All-Academic Fall Student-Athletes Released

Feb 13, 2014
The KJCCC has released it's list of All-Academic Student-Athletes for the fall sports.  These student-athletes earned a 3.5 or higher GPA in the fall.  Dodge City had 26 astudent-thletes represented.  These student-athletes are:
Shane Brittain  Football 
Ana Babovic  Volleyball 
Colbi Brooks  Volleyball 
Cynthia Cisneros  Volleyball 
Casse Dressler  Volleyball 
Brandi Fairbank  Volleyball 
Sarah Glowa  Volleyball 
Anessa Hannem  Volleyball 
Taylor Offerle  Volleyball 
Darrie Rogers  Volleyball 
Kalaka Matundu  Men's Soccer 
Will Mims  Men's Soccer 
Ben Aymen Hadj Slama  Men's Soccer 
Oscar Vergara  Men's Soccer 
Evan Williams  Men's Soccer 
Rene Yeverino  Men's Soccer 
Samantha Ingram  Women's Soccer 
Erica Ramos  Women's Soccer 
Abby Rogers  Women's Soccer 
Areli Torres  Women's Soccer 
Kayla Turner  Women's Soccer 
Austin Koehn  Men's Cross Country 
Deibert Rendon  Men's Cross Country 
Jerry Isakson  Men's Cross Country 
Ruth Palacios  Women's Cross Country 
Sierra Soliz  Women's Cross Country 
Savannah Williams  Women's Cross Country 

Congratulations to these outstanding student-athletes!