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Rodeo Team Starts Off Season Well in Colby, KS

Sep 26, 2012

The rodeo team made their way back to Dodge City, KS after a weekend at Colby, KS. Colby Community College was the host rodeo to start off the season. The following students made the short round on Sunday, which is the top ten in each event.

Jace McKay: Steer Wrestling and the team roping along with partner Goober Snider.

Goober Snider: Team roping

Cody and Cole Remington: Team Roping

Travis Tetrick: Team roping.

Logan Glendy: Bareback Riding

Austin Wolfe: Bull Riding

Monte Snider finished 11th just one hole out of making the short round in the steer wrestling. However, made quite a run and an awesome effort, just to give you an idea his time was 5.5. Snider in 5 and a half seconds mounted on a horse going 30mph dismounted from the horse to a steer and then threw the steer down.

If you happen to have these students in your class or see these students around campus please congratulate them on their success.