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    About the Cheer Squad

    The DC3 cheer team is a small co-ed team, consisting of 14 females and 4 males. (early 2012-13) The team is looking for strong female bases, toned top girls and athletic men. Coach Nigh is wanting to expand the Cheer team to include both a Large/Small Coed as well as an All-Girl Team for the 2013-14 team.

    The Cheer Squad will cheer at all home football games and all men’s and women’s basketball home games. Squad members will also attend home volleyball matches. Travel for the squad is minimal. Cheerleaders and Yell leaders will travel to selected away games, conference playoff games, and any bowl games. 

    Cheerleading as of 2012 is considered a Varsity Sport here at Dodge City and the team will be stepping up to compete in college level competitions throughout 2012-13. The Full Schedule is TBD. All Competition Videos will be uploaded to youtube and posted on our site.


    Team Practices will be held throughout the week with all the cheer athletes. Once a week there will be small group private lessons in stunting and tumbling with Coach Nigh. All these practice times will be set by the coaches and are mandatory. Squad members are required to maintain a proper level of physical fitness through conditioning and weight-lifting practices. The Cheer Squad will have mandatory practices during the summer and will attend a Collegiate Cheer Camp in late July and early August of 2013.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Squad members will receive a loan of books and a $1,000 scholarship per year ($500 per semester). Squad members must maintain a 2.5 GPA and be enrolled in 12 credit hours to receive the scholarship. All squad members will be responsible for any fees and residential life expenses.