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Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)

DC3 H.A.L.O (Hispanic American Leadership Organization) welcomes all students to its doors.  The Dodge City Chapter has participated actively in the Dodge City Community College campus and the surrounding community.  Some of the activities we have done in the past include attending conferences around the state, volunteering at different events such as Victory Electric pumpkin day, Big Brothers Big sisters, blood drives, and the Cinco de mayo celebration in Wright Park. 

We have fun too!  We have taken educational and fun trips to New Mexico, Missouri, and around the state.  We also hold annual tournaments for popular video games for the community such as Halo or Call of Duty.  There is something for everyone.

Mission statement:  The Hispanic American Leadership Organization (H.A.L.O) is dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture on campus and throughout the Dodge City community. It provides a networking group for all students passionate about Hispanic culture. Service, leadership, and academic excellence are central goals encouraged for life.

For more information contact:

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Calendar of Events

Eight week summer session ends

  • Dates: 24 – 24 Jul, 2014


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