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Campus Crime Statistics

Daily Log

The Campus Safety and Security Department maintains a daily log of crimes and incidents that occur on campus that is available for public view.  This daily log is available in the DCCC Security office in Shelden Hall.  Entries and updates are generally made within two business days from the time incidents occur.  Further noted, incidents or situations deemed to pose a threat to the campus community are communicated as soon as possible.  Campus security officials (the Coordinator or a Student Services Dean) may determine that an incident be classified as “confidential” in order not to reveal the identity of a victim or jeopardize a criminal investigation. To view the daily log online click here.

Campus Crime Statistics

In accordance with recent updates to the "Campus Safety Act," the following data are presented to review crime activity both on campus and on areas adjacent to campus property. 

Other categories are presented are: "non-campus buildings or property" and "public property." The first category, non-campus buildings or property, includes properties owned by student organizations officially recognized by the institution and those owned by the college outside the campus boundaries that appear on the map.

The second category, public property, includes thoroughfares, streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities immediately adjacent to the campus.

This section on campus crime statistics also includes arrests and disciplinary referral made to campus authorities for alcohol, drugs and weapons possession. As defined by the campus safety act, a disciplinary referral is an instance when a student is formally reported in writing to a university officer for possible sanction.

In accordance with the Campus Safety Act, Dodge City Community College is required to report hate crimes in this report. For this reporting, a hate crime occurs when a person is victimized intentionally because of his or her actual or perceived race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. The hate crimes presented for this report are only related to those offenses where the victim was bodily injured. For 2003, there were no offenses that were classified as hate crimes.

The crimes presented are based on reports filed with the Security office, the office of Student Services, the Director of Residence Life, and the office of the Dean of Instruction. Formal requests for crime statistics for areas defined as "public property" and "non-campus buildings and property" were made with the Dodge City Police Department and the Ford County Sheriff’s Department.