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  • Academic Assistance - Drop-in and scheduled tutoring sessions in many content areas with peer tutors, faculty, and staff.  For more information see the Tutoring page.
  • Study areas - Space is available for individuals and groups, including a private study/conference room that includes a white board and DVD/VCR. 
  • Computer classrooms and labs - Includes software such as:  Microsoft Office, Choices, an education and career planning software; American Speech Sounds, to help you learn pronunciation of various English words; Focus on Grammar and Reading Plus to name a few.
  • Academic Advising - ASC staff, in collaboration with you and your Academic Advisor, can assist in planning course schedules that meet your needs and to work with you on a four-semester degree plan that helps balance your academic strengths, challenges, work schedule, and personal commitments to ensure your success at DC3. 
  • MyDC3web access - Assistance on how to log into and navigate MyDC3web for academic success.
  • Study and Learning Skills Development Workshops -The ASC  schedules several study and learning skills workshops on subjects such as note taking, time management, test taking, and resume writing. Students and faculty are encouraged to suggest topics and request specific workshops.
  • Writing Corner - Drop-in and scheduled assistance with all phases of the writing process is available in the Writing Corner. Students can get help with everything from idea generation, outlining and drafting, to revision and editing.
  • Math Central - Drop-in and scheduled assistance with math learning is available at Math Central. Students can get help with all levels of math. 
  • Reading Instruction and Assistance - College Reading classes take place in the Academic Success Center. Scheduled reading improvement sessions and individual assistance are also available.
  • Academic Probation Assistance - Students on Academic Probation are required to meet with ASC staff to plan for their future academic success. Staff consults with each student to set academic goals and create a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Athletic Study Halls - In keeping with the shared goals of academic success and teamwork, the ASC partners with coaches of various sports, to host study halls for the athletes.  Tutoring is also available during study hall sessions.