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The ASC offers free tutoring sessions with peers and faculty/staff members in a variety of subject areas. Tutors are scheduled at varying times and by appointment to meet the needs of students. To request a tutor, simply visit or call the ASC, (620) 225-9508.

Tutoring Services Include:

The Writing Corner -- Overseen by a Writing Specialist, tutors in the Writing Corner can offer assistance in every phase of the writing process. From idea generation, to drafting, editing, and polishing; writing tutors can provide guidance to writers at every level. Assistance is also available for speeches, outlines, resumes, scholarship letters, and any other writing projects students need assistance with.

Math Central -- The Math Specialist and tutors assist students with all areas of math. Whether a student needs assistance with problems, test prep material for a specific math class, or with math work in another subject, the Math Central tutors can help. Assistance is also available when preparing for standardized tests, such as the TEAS or Compass.

Subject Area Tutoring -- Tutors are available in a variety of subject areas, including psychology, anatomy and physiology, sociology, all of the sciences, history, accounting, computer applications, human growth and development, and nutrition. The tutors are familiar with the professor's teaching style and material, and can provide insight on how to be successful in the classroom.

ESL Tutoring -- Under the direction of the ESL Professor, selected tutors assist students in receiving specific help with their language practice.