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Dodge City Community College to launch iPad initiative

Mar 28, 2012

Staying on the forefront of technology is a must in today’s world and harnessing it is extremely important for today’s students.

Dodge City Community College will launch an exciting new technology initiative that will enhance the learning experience for DCCC students. Beginning with the Fall 2012 semester, every DCCC student will be required to bring an Apple iPad to classes. A process for purchasing the iPads and additional program details will be provided to incoming DCCC students and parents upon acceptance.

“We’re going to move our level of teaching and involvement with technology into the 21st century,” Dr. Don A. Woodburn, DCCC President, said. “The iPad initiative demonstrates the progressive nature of the faculty and staff at Dodge City Community College.”

The iPad initiative will immerse DCCC students in cutting-edge technology that will not only strengthen their educational experience, but help them discover their own learning style. Students’ learning styles vary and iPads will be an excellent addition to their educational resources.

“iPads will be used to learn collaboratively with peers and the instructor through the use of effective and relevant technology in the classroom,” Thad Russell, DCCC Dean of Technology and Distance Education, said. “iPads in the classroom is about student engagement, it’s about students being a part of the learning process instead of just being recipients of information.”

There are over 20,000 educational and learning apps available for the iPad, and over 200,000 native iPad apps available on the App Store, which will help DCCC faculty members integrate the technology into the classroom. The technology will also allow faculty members to offer more enhanced customized instruction for DCCC students.

“We want students two years or four years or ten years from now to say that the best educational experience they ever had was at Dodge City Community College,” Russell said.