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DC3 News

Riekenberg named June Employee of the Month

May 29, 2013

Kim Riekenberg has been selected as Dodge City Community College’s June Employee of the Month.  Kim has been with the College since June 2006.  Kim is our Assistant Outreach Coordinator and you will find her working diligently in her office on the second floor of the Library.

Kim’s coworkers have stated that she is a very hard worker and dedicated to DCCC.  She constantly is looking for ways to improve and streamline all the different aspects of her position.  She has a great positive outlook on life and brings this positive outlook into her position every day.  She is always ready to help students and staff when she is needed.

We would like to thank Kim for all that she does for Dodge City Community College.

Kim, will please come forward and accept your award.

Congratulations, Kim!