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DC3 News

DC3 News

Cheer Places 2nd at National Meet

Mar 31, 2014
DODGE CITY, Kan. – If a member of the Dodge City cheer squad team looks like they have a sore neck, you need to give them a break. They were probably wearing a pair of silver medals around their neck for too long. 

The DC3 cheer team recently took runner-up honors at the 2014 College Open Championships and the 2014 Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference Meet. 

To get to the College Open, the team of 21 student-athletes endured a 25-hour bus ride to Myrtle Beach, S.C., but it was worth it. 

“It was an exciting event and I was happy we could step into that kind of atmosphere,” explained coach Jeremy Nigh. “There were a lot of schools from different parts of the country. It was great to see 18 freshmen step up and compete against four-year schools and be similar talent wise.”

The team earned a score of 103.55 and finished seven points ahead of St. Xavier University and two points behind the University of the Guelph.

“I was very proud how the team performed at the event. This was the third competition as a competitive program and that fact we are able to compete is fantastic,” Nigh said. “Hopefully we can win this event in the future. We have some talented kids on the team and there’s no reason why it can’t happen.”

Last month at the inaugural KJCCC meet, the Conqs scored a 79 to earn runner-up honors. 

DC3 finished ahead of Barton County and Pratt, and finished two points behind Hutchinson.  

“It was a fantastic event for DC3 and we showed a great energy and did really well on the mat,” Nigh said. “To beat Barton is a big deal because they’ve been competitive for decades. To be close to Hutch was great because they are very talented.”

The amount of support was great and over 1000 spectators attended the event, and Dodge City could be a candidate to host the event in the future.

“This was the first time ever that the Kansas schools competed each other,” added Nigh. “This will be a yearly event and it will rotate among the conference schools. We have great facilities and there’s no reason why we can’t host the event.” 

Routine at College Open

Routine at KJCCC meet