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DC3 News

Men's Golf Takes Trip to Ross Elementary

Apr 04, 2014
DODGE CITY, Kan. – The Dodge City men’s golf team took a break from the fairways and greens and visited first graders earlier this week at Ross Elementary.

The goal of the trip, said DC3 coach and Mariah Hills head golf professional Chris Robinson, was to teach the basics of golf. The team set up five stations around the gym and the students had the opportunity to work on different facets of the game. 

“We worked on grip, posture, stance, putting, how to hit the ball and a basic understanding of golf,” Robinson said. “I was invited for career day and instead of talking to them about Dodge City Community College and Mariah Hills, I thought it would be better if we taught them the basics of golf – and they definitely had fun with it.”

First-grade teacher Mindy Burkhart helped organize the event and was pleased with the positive interaction between the students and the golf team.

“One thing we are working on is increasing parent involvement in the classroom, and Chris was gracious enough to bring his job to the classroom” Burkhart said. “What makes this great is the hands on experience. This is the first time many of the students have been introduced to golf are able to hold a golf club. Because of this interaction today, a student could discover they have a passion for the game and develop it in the years to come.” 

Lindsay Siek brought her first-grade class to the golf outing and was happy to see her students interact with college-age students.

“Not only is a parent involved, but student-athletes from the community are here teaching the kids,” Siek said. “It’s obvious we have great role models working with the students and this is such a great experience for the kids – and for Mindy and myself. The team did a great job of interacting with the students.” 

DC3 golfer Ryan Hand “had to learn a little patience” but really enjoyed teaching the fundamentals of the game he loves.

“I want to be a teacher and this ties in great,” Hand said. “We tried to make it simple for them and not throw a lot at them. Even at the intercollegiate level that we play at, it’s fun to look at this group because they are having fun just swinging a golf club.” 

Robinson reiterated Hand’s comments about being patience when teaching golf to a young group of elementary students.

“Patience is key,” Robinson said with a laugh. “This is a good experience for myself and the team to see what else they can do with the game of golf. I think the team might look back at this when they have a bad round and remember that it’s just a game and that golf needs to be fun.”