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DC3 News

Dodge City Community College Names Nolte President

Oct 05, 2015

The Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees met today in a special meeting in preparation to announce publicly their selection for the positon of president.  Following the executive session Board of Trustee Chair, Floris Jean Hampton, made the following statement, “Thank you to our liaisons with the Gold Hills Search Company, Dave Wetmore and Trustee Reeves, and to all the people on the Search Committee, who spent many extra hours in this process.  We are grateful to them for sending four creditable finalists to us for intensive interviews.  We learned something from each of them, express appreciation from this Board to them and know that each of them could have made a contribution as President.  I want to express our special appreciation to Vice President Danny Gillum as he went through this process, and our continued appreciation as he helps this college build its potential.

Gold Hills Company also sent us the candidate for Interim President, Dr. Harold Nolte, who quickly gained our respect and admiration as a competent leader who has analyzed and advised us on a number of issues as we progressed through the transition.

The College comes first. This Board has reached a unanimous decision.  We feel we have taken the right step for the vision, future, and potential growth of Dodge City Community College.  It is not the decision we originally expected to make.

We have asked Dr. Nolte to accept the position of President, and he has agreed.”

Newly appointed, Dr. Harold Nolte, replied “I by no means came to Dodge City expecting to be named the next president of Dodge City Community College.  In this short time, I have grown very fond of the college, the faculty, staff and administration.  We have a great Board here and so much potential for this college.  I am very honored and excited to be named your new president.”

Dr. Harold Nolte